The Benefits of Driveway Edging For Your Sonoma County Home


Are the edges of your driveway crumbling? Every time it rains, is more mulch getting washed away? What about when friends come to visit? Do they park on the grass, leaving tire tracks on your perfect lawn?

There’s a simple, affordable way to solve all three of these common problems, driveway edging!

Bordering pathways is a technique that’s been around since colonial times. In our modern world, edging is an easy and aesthetically beautiful way to protect your driveway, and add value to your home.

Let’s explore driveway edging and the many benefits it provides.


As the name implies, driveway edging involves placing stones along the borders of your driveway. It performs two functions. First, it adds durability to your driveway, path, patio, or other hardscaping by creating a solid edge that keeps pavers from shifting. Second, it adds an interesting visual element to your hardscaping.

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Traditionally in the past, designers and contractors used imported Belgian blocks resembling cobblestones as an edging material. Today, along with Belgian block you have many other materials to choose from, including:

• Belgian blocks

• Cobblestone pavers

• Brick

• Concrete pavers

• Railroad ties

• River wood or logs

• Concrete or natural stone curb

Whatever you select should complement your home’s exterior style and color scheme. Edging is not only appropriate for the driveway. You can create a stunning cohesive hardscape design that includes edging for your patio, pool surround, walkways, or garden paths.


You have a couple of choices when it comes to the style of your edging. As it implies, the edge is level with the driveway. Flat edging relies on the color, shape, and size of the stone to create contrast. However, it can also be an exciting look aesthetically to use the same material in a different size, for example, gray slate pavers with gray slate edging. However, the most common choices for flat edging include Belgian block, brick, or stone pavers.

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You can also create one or two rows of contrasting colors on either side of your driveway to clearly identify the line between your driveway and lawn. Another creative option is to use a basket-weave or other pattern to create visual interest.

Raised edging, on the other hand, sits slightly above the driveway surface. It creates a clear visual border and is a better, more protective barrier between the lawn and driveway.

Larger Belgian blocks are often used for raised edging. However, you can also choose edging based on your home’s style. For example, if you live in a more rustic setting, railroad ties can be a great look!


No matter which type you choose, raised or flat, driveway edging provides several benefits for homeowners. Here are some of the specific benefits you’ll enjoy.


Kind of obvious, but the primary purpose of driveway edging is to protect your driveway. Brick or stone edging helps to keep driveway pavers in place and can protect asphalt and concrete from chipping or cracking edges. Because edging stones are typically placed several inches into the ground, they can help prevent the growth of weeds and roots.


As a byproduct of protecting your driveway, edging also protects the edge of your lawn. Because it creates a visual border, guests will likely walk on your driveway and walkways instead of your lawn. Plus, a raised edge makes it easier to see reducing the likelihood of guests accidentally driving or parking on the edge of the lawn.


Fixed edging means no more weekends spent cutting borders with a hoe or shovel. Once you install a permanent edge, you’ll spend less time and effort on your landscaping, and have more time to spend with family and friends.


A fixed edge keeps your plants and grass where it belongs by acting as a barrier. It will also facilitate drainage when it rains. A permeable paver driveway and edge return water to aquifers preventing pollution.


Edging is a great way to enclose planting beds and act as a visual focal point for your landscaping. It can define your lawn and garden and give you a better idea for future landscape designs.


Hardscaping is a great way to improve the look of your home, upgrade its curb appeal, and add value. Hardscape edging is a relatively inexpensive way to beautify your property, is a warm, welcoming touch for guests, and if you ever decide to sell, buyers love it!


Driveway edging can add a lot to your home, but before you begin, you need to be aware of some common mistakes to avoid. If you’re working with a professional hardscaping contractor, they will help you create your design and help you avoid these potential issues.

• Keep it Proportional – Edging stones larger than 6X9 inches can detract from your home’s visual appeal. Unless you have a large house or driveway, work to keep your edging proportional to the rest of your home’s hardscaping.

• Keep Patterns Simple – Stay away from loud, contrasting colors and busy designs. A subtle pattern is much more elegant. Keep it simple for the best results!

• Consider Brick – If your driveway is particularly narrow, bricks look great, and are easily replaceable if damaged when parking.

• If Your Driveway is Loose Stone or Asphalt –  Steel edging might be the best choice. It will help support the asphalt edge when it’s hot and will keep gravel contained on the driveway and off the lawn.


Driveway edging is a great way to add visual interest to your landscape, protect your driveway and lawn, add curb appeal and value to your home, and if you’re planning on selling, attract and delight potential buyers.

At Bayside Pavers, we’ve been providing San Francisco Bay Area homeowners with high-quality hardscape since 2009. We work closely with home builders, developers, contractors, homeowners associations, pool companies, and landscape architects to offer the highest quality products from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our professional crews are known for their highly skilled craftsmanship and top quality work. We’ve built our reputation by completing our projects on time, and we warranty our work for a full 5-years.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of driveway edging, and you live in the greater Bay area, give one of our expert team members a call at 866-287-2837 to discuss your project. Or stop by one of two locations in Concord, CA at 2455 Bates Ave, Ste K, services East Bay and South Bay homeowners. Our Santa Rosa, CA, location at 1619 4th Street Ste 12 can help you with your North Bay hardscaping projects.

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