When you add  and walkways to a home’s exterior, you enhance the property enormously. There are so many different types of hardscapes to choose from, making it so much easier to create a wall that blends in well with the surrounding landscape. The first step in bringing your vision to life would be to meet with a specialist at BaySide Pavers to design the entire layout. Then, we’ll show you all the options for what materials would work best. Be as creative as your imagination will take you and we’ll do the rest.


Pavers used for pool decks come in all sizes, shapes, styles colors and textures. Pool decks must be made of non-slip materials and durable enough to withstand severe weather conditions. When selecting the materials for your pool deck you want a style that’s classic and timeless, something easy to maintain and enhances the look of your property. BaySide Pavers can custom design and build the type of pool deck that you will be proud to have in your backyard. Learn more


BaySide Pavers works in the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas providing paving services, which is essentially custom designing and building very unique stone driveways and driveway extensions. We will work with your style to give you the best looking driveway possible within your budget. Our highly skilled team uses the latest, most innovative paving techniques and equipment to do doing the most extraordinary work. The paving materials we use are of the highest quality and that means beauty combined with durability. Over the years BaySide Pavers has designed and built tons of customized paved driveways, walkways and patios, acquiring the experience needed to face any challenge. You can count on us to handle your job, no matter how large or small. Our paving experts have worked with all types of materials, installing driveways on every type of landscaping and incorporated designs of all levels of complexity.


Garden and retaining walls must be functional and strong as well as appealing. They should enhance your garden and landscape design, adding definition and even create focal points. However, before anything else, your walls must be properly installed to avoid the risk of early failure.

Retaining and garden walls built by BaySide Pavers will not only fulfill certain practical needs, it will also give your property an aesthetic feature as well. This will enhance your home’s resale value when it comes time to sell, while adding more privacy and enjoyment.

When designing your custom wall, we invite you to consult with the design professionals at BaySide Pavers who will lay out all your options and help you select the perfect style for your landscaping and home.