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Reasons To Hire A Professional Concrete Paver Contractor

Installing concrete paver hardscape is a complicated, multi-step process that’s best left to the professionals. While DIY might seem like a good idea, it can end up costing you much more than hiring a qualified professional. Here are five key reasons to hire a professional for your next outdoor project.

    • Design & Planning
      Having a creative vision for your project is just one step in the process. Do you have the skills to design and sketch your vision? What about materials? Do you know how to order and understand all of your options to make sure your idea is even feasible? Mistakes made during the crucial design and planning stages can leave you facing much higher costs than you budgeted for. A professional will provide you with an accurate drawing of your vision, plus a list of materials, the specific price, and the timeline for installation.
    • Keep Your Project On Track, On Time, and On Budget
      A professional hardscaping contractor will not only create your design and develop your budget; they make sure your job stays on track. They understand the time needed, as well as the proper materials to produce a quality finished project. From how much base material you’ll need, to the appropriate size and quantity of materials and the amount of labor necessary to complete your job on time, and within your budget.
    • Proper Site Preparation
      We’ve all heard the phrase, “a house is only as strong as its foundation,” well the same holds true with your hardscaping. Proper site preparation is a critical element to the long-term stability of your patio, walkways, driveway, or other hardscaping. A professional has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to get the job done right the first time.
      Site preparation is a complicated process. Ninety-percent of any hardscaping project is site preparation. This includes planning and design, excavation, base-level installation and compacting, proper installation of geothermal textile to prevent weeds, installation of edge restraints, setting, compacting and leveling the sand, installing the pavers, and finishing the surface. Anyone element done incorrectly can compromise the stability of your hardscape down the road.
      A professional hardscape contractor will have the tools needed to do the job correctly. They are experienced and craftspeople who can provide a high-quality finished product, and have the integrity to stand behind their work if there is ever a problem.
    • Fast Turnaround
      If you’ve always wanted to take on a DIY project, or are even somewhat handy, concrete pavers are a complicated installation and have a steep learning curve. If you’re a weekend warrior, taking on projects on your time off, it could take literally weeks or months before you’re relaxing on your patio.
      Working with a professional ensures that your project will be handled promptly, efficiently, and professionally. From the design stage through the installation, your contractor will provide you with a timeline and stick to it. They have the experience and expertise backed by a team of trained installers working on getting your project completed quickly and professionally on time and budget.
    • Quality Materials & Craftsmanship
      Those inexpensive pavers you can find at any big box home improvement store seem like a great deal. But the fact is, they’re not the same quality of the materials used by a professional hardscaping contractor. Professional paving contractors know-how and where to source the highest-quality materials at an affordable price to fit within your budget. Their processes, sources, and relationships they’ve built up through years of business allow them to evaluate any surface, create a plan, and provide the perfect material to meet your needs.

Working with a professional hardscaping contractor is a smart idea. You’ll get the highest-quality materials backed up by a team of certified installers with the experience and expertise to help you realize your creative vision for your landscaping. That being said, choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.


What We Do Best As A Paver Contractor

Why Choose Concrete Pavers

bay area concrete paver maintenance
  • Available in a Wide Selection of Products
    PICPs come in a wide range of shapes, textures, and colors and are designed to fit within any surrounding architecture and landscaping elements.
  • Consistent Quality
    Manufactured units are consistent in quality, require no formwork, and can be mechanically installed in freezing temperatures. They also need no curing time and are immediately ready for traffic upon completion.
  • They Are Affordable & Economical
    They are priced competitively with pervious concrete, and their lifecycle costs are significantly lower than concrete or asphalt in some markets.
  • Repairs are Extremely Easy
    Unlike concrete or asphalt, which, when damaged, can be costly to repair, and aesthetically unpleasant, damaged PICPs can be removed and reinstalled. They can also be partially removed to install service utility lines, there are never any ugly patches, and the repaired surface perfectly matches the surrounding materials.
  • Durable and Easy to Maintain
    High freeze-thaw, deicing, and salt resistant, water in the base will not freeze and heave. When frozen, even complete saturation will not damage pavers. Snow and ice immediately drain upon melting, reducing ice hazards, and they can be plowed with no damage. Maintenance is easy. Simply vacuum or sweep regularly to remove sediment and debris. Aggregate can be easily removed and replenished if it becomes deeply clogged.
  • Environmentally Friendlier Than Alternative Materials
    Manufactured pavers can incorporate cement substitutes like fly ash, slag, silica fume, etc. and still maintain porosity. Pavers can also be crushed and recycled at the end of their useful life.


How the Process Works

Free In-Home Consultation

We begin with a face-to-face meeting to discuss the project’s priorities and goals to ensure there is a good fit between client expectations and what Bayside Pavers will deliver.

We Provide A Quote

About a week after your in-home consultation, you and your designer will meet to discuss each element of your project and the corresponding cost.

You Enjoy The Results

Once the scope is agreed upon and we are contracted, securing materials, scheduling, planning and implementation of the construction process begins.

Cost of Bay Area Concrete Paver InstallationSan Francisco bay area cost of concrete paver installation

In the San Francisco Bay Area the range of cost from basic paver design & installation to more complicated design, landscape, access, elevations and soil types can vary.  We give a ballpark cost of between $20 and $32 a square foot (material & labor included).  We caution you to use this as a rough guideline, and contact us for an in depth conversation and estimate so you have a realistic and reliable number to work from as you figure out your investment.


Get Inspired.

Design Ideas for your Concrete Paver Installation

The most important factor alongside safety and longevity for your concrete paver installation is design. Ultimately, you’re undertaking this project as a way to increase your property value and/or enjoyment of your home. Having a design that compliments your existing esthetic is an important step.  Our team of landscape designers can help you choose the materials and installation type to ensure the end product is exactly what you wanted.  We’ll work with your budget and time constraints – and give you honest recommendations based on both – in addition to thoroughly evaluating what product types are best for your soil, elevation, and existing landscape.

Here are some links to help you gain inspiration into what you’re looking for with your next concrete paver landscaping project: 


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