Tips On Using Porcelain Pavers In Your San Francisco Bay Area Home

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If you’re planning an outdoor hardscaping project, today you have more choices than ever before when it comes to materials, sizes, textures, colors, and patterns. One of the most popular choice among San Francisco Bay Area homeowners are porcelain pavers.

Outdoor porcelain pavers are easy to clean and maintain, they’re durable and frost resistant, and they come in a wide variety of looks, finishes, and sizes. If you’re leaning towards porcelain pavers for your next hardscape project, you’re making the right choice. However, before you decide, here are four things you should consider before making your purchase.

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Think about what kind of style you’re going for in your outdoor space. Are you looking for a natural, rustic look, or maybe sleek and modern is your preference. Because porcelain pavers are a manufactured product, they are not unique like natural stone. However, advanced manufacturing techniques have given us porcelain pavers that mimic natural materials and look great. Instead of a casual rocky look, porcelain pavers are cut on a straight bias and are uniform, giving them a more modern feel. When considering outdoor porcelain pavers look to your surrounding landscaping and architectural elements to determine if porcelain is the right material for your project.


Your design and layout can give you clues as to whether porcelain is the right material for your hardscape project. When working with porcelain pavers, square or rectangular arrangements are the quickest to install. With a square or rectangular design, you’ll need to make a minimal amount of cuts which will reduce waste. Curved cuts can be challenging when it comes to porcelain. If your layout is circular, winds or bends, porcelain can present some challenges when it comes to making cuts. When installed, porcelain pavers can stand up to plenty of use. When installing them or cutting, they can be brittle and difficult to work with. That’s why the best option is to have your project designed and installed by a professional paver installation company. You will save time, minimize waste, and in the case of Bayside Pavers, get a fifteen-year warranty.


Does your landscape have multiple sloping areas? If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area it likely does, so, you’ll need to keep a couple of things in mind when it comes to porcelain pavers:
They are typically large-sized pavers
They do not bend or contour

If you’re planning a project on a tiered space, you’ll need to install porcelain pavers on a flat area, or a single slope. The other option is to excavate the site to create flat planes. This additional site preparation can increase your installation costs so speak to a paver installation professional for landscape design advice and a quote for services


Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re blessed with year-round weather that remains temperate for the most part. That means there is no real freeze/thaw danger when using porcelain pavers in your Sonoma County home’s landscape. Where there can be an issue is heat. If your outdoor space receives a lot of direct sunlight, porcelain pavers tend to get hotter than both concrete and natural stone. If this is the case in your yard, using a lighter shade of tile can avoid burned feet! Light colors like beige or light gray have a higher Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI). SRI is a numbered value placed on a surface’s ability to reject solar heat. The lower the SRI that hotter the material can become in direct sunlight.

For sustainable design, porcelain tile with a high SRI rating can lower a property’s heat island effect, and reduce your carbon footprint. Materials like concrete absorb and generate more heat.

Porcelain pavers are an excellent option for homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are durable, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to match any architectural style. Porcelain pavers are an affordable alternative to natural stone that can give you a similar look, without the high price tag. Before you commit, speak to a professional paver company for landscape design advice and a quote on installation.

Bayside Pavers Has Two San Francisco Bay Area Locations – East and North Bay

If you’re planning a project using outdoor porcelain pavers for your San Francisco Bay Area home, give the experts at Bayside Pavers a call at 1-(866) 287-2837. We are nearby with locations in Concord, and Santa Rosa, California. Our team of professionals can help you design the hardscape area to meet your family’s unique needs. Our knowledgeable pave installers are ready to help you create the outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming about!

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, our location in Concord, CA at 2455 Bates Ave, Ste K, services East Bay and South Bay homeowners. Our Santa Rosa, CA, location at 1619 4th Street Ste 12 can help you with your North Bay hardscaping projects.

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