Why You Need To Use Pavers Instead of Concrete

Are you looking for a material for your driveway, patio or walkway around your home?

The surroundings of your home should reflect your personal taste while being long-lasting and cost-effective.

For many years, people have chosen concrete to build driveways. And yet, nowadays pavers have become the best choice for many customers for many reasons.

Keep reading to find out why you should use pavers from San Mateo County Paver Contractor for your walkway, patio or driveway.


Do you want your driveway to connect with some steps that lead to your front door?

Or maybe, you want a small wall to corner off your flower bed?

Vertical features, such as pillars and walls are difficult to blend in with a concrete driveway. In contrast, pavers allow your decorative wall or steps to fit nicely.

If you want to build a walkway or a porch to complement your driveway, then it can be installed before or after your driveway without a problem.


If you hire a professional from San Mateo County Paver Contractor to install your pavers, it will last longer and be low maintenance.

Accidents happen, and stains and imperfections are permanent on concrete. If the concrete base shifts, the cracks that emerge are visible to anyone approaching your home. Fixing a concrete driveway is very costly.

However, if damage to your pavers happens there are many cost-effective and simple solutions to make it appear brand-new once again. If you spill oil, you can even flip over one of the paving stones and nobody will know.

And if after some years you notice a crack in one of the paving stone, you can just replace the single stone rather than the entire driveway.


There are hundreds of surface finishes, colors, designs, and shapes of pavers. Whether you’re looking for the historical European city appearance or the modern Umbriano finish, there is always a design to suit every home.

And don’t worry about losing the color over time, with pavers the surface treatments ensure that the colors last years after installation.

If you are uncertain about the paver design to suit you, check out some of the options available to installed by San Mateo County Paver Contractor.


Unlike concrete and other materials for driveways, pavers come at many different prices. This means whether you are on a tight budget or have money to spare, you can find the right pavers to fit your price range.

Although, keep in mind you get what you pay for. Pavers with the most advanced technology are likely to last much longer than the standard product.


There are many considerations and difficult decisions when investing in your home and its surroundings.

However, choosing the material to build your driveway is a simple choice because of the overwhelming benefits of pavers over concrete.

Whether you value a unique and colorful appearance or a functional and long-lasting material, pavers are always the best option for your driveway or pathway.

To schedule an estimate or for maintenance get in touch with San Mateo County Paver Contractor.

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