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Why Paver Patios in the Bay Area?

Durability – Patio pavers provide nearly 4 times the load-bearing weight of a concrete slab. This durability means that an interlocking concrete paver patio can support heavier loads and provide you with a longer usable life than concrete or asphalt. It’s why pavers are a popular choice for driveways & other high-impact areas; see why we are a trusted Bay Area paver driveway installation contractor

Flexibility – Interlocking pavers are flexible, and that means that they adjust to environmental changes like cold and heat, expansion and contraction, as well as the frequent seismic distortion we experience here in Northern California that can wreak have on concrete slab or asphalt over time. 

Easy Repair  Repair and maintenance of patio pavers is easy. If a paver is damaged or stained, just remove it and replace it with a new paver. When stained or cracked, concrete or asphalt may require expensive, time-consuming repairs. With concrete or asphalt, you’ll need to make repeated repairs over the life of your patio, and once it’s cracked, it will never look the same again!

Low Maintenance – Sealing your concrete pavers every year or two will keep them looking like new. You may also need to replace joint sand periodically as well. When compared to patching asphalt or repairing cracks in concrete, concrete pavers are the clear choice!

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No Curing Time.

One of the best benefits of concrete patio pavers is that there’s no curing time! Asphalt or poured concrete often have long curing times during which you’ll have to avoid putting weight on the surface until it has set. Curing can take days or even weeks.

With pavers, there’s no wait. Once the stone is installed, you can be entertaining guests the day our trucks pull out of your driveway!


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