Angelus Pavers

Established in 1964, Angelus Block</a > is a family-owned and privately held paver manufacturer providing its products to the entire Southern California region. They specialize in high-quality, durable concrete products that withstand even the toughest weather conditions. They source their raw materials locally, and within California, so you can be sure that the material you’re getting is built to withstand California’s climate. Their products include:
  • Low CO2 Concrete Masonry Units
  • Angelus Pavingstones
  • Cement
  • Preblended Concrete Mixes
  • Decorative walls
  • and more

Angelus Pavingstones

Angelus Block is dedicated to producing eco-friendly products, and their pavers are no exception. They use a low-carbon cement formula for their pavers, which reduces the emissions created by traditional concrete production processes. The end result is an exceptionally durable product with minimal environmental impact. This demonstrates their commitment to sustainability, and you can trust that your pavers will help contribute to a greener planet. As one of the leading paver manufacturers in California, Angelus Block is dedicated to providing high-quality products with a low environmental impact.

Standard Pavers

The Standard Pavers are designed for durability and mimic a natural stone surface quality. Made from strong, reinforced concrete, these pavers are able to withstand the elements and provide a beautiful base for your outdoor projects. Available in a variety of colors and textures, you can easily create stunning patios and walkways that will stand up to years of use. Angelus Antique Cobble Pavers Angelus Angelus Bishops Hat Pavers Angelus Angelus Heartland Pavers Angelus

Permeable Pavers

Angelus Permeable Pavers allow rainfall to pass between the joint, reducing the impact on storm drains and filtering and cleaning runoff. They’re perfect for areas where water conservation efforts are in place or when you want to reduce flooding in your backyard. The surface and joints of the pavers are designed to let water pass through, so you can enjoy a beautiful patio or walkway that also helps to reduce your environmental impact. Angelus Permeable Slate Pavers Angelus Angelus Permeable Holland Pavers Angelus Angelus Permeable Courtyard Pavers Angelus

Turfstone Grid Pavers

Turfstone Grid pavers are perfect for erosion control and soil stabilization. They’re ideal for creating a grassy space for overflow parking or emergency vehicle access in public parks and recreational areas. Turfstone Grid Pavers are designed with a sturdy polyvinyl chloride (PVC) honeycomb structure that is incredibly strong yet still allows water and air to pass through, ensuring healthy grass growth. The interlocking grid creates a stable surface that won’t shift or sink, and the unique design also helps to reduce surface runoff. Angelus Turfstone Pavers Angelus


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