Pool Deck Paver

Pool deck pavers are functional and provide an elegant look.


Available in an array of shapes and sizes, pavers can be combined to form many different patterns. Many different styles and colors can be chosen to complement your pool’s shape and give your pool deck a beautiful look.

Paver pool decks have a clean and elegant look, while still being very functional. They can be used to give your pool deck any look you like, from classic, to rustic, to natural. Pavers provide your pool area with the same effect as real stones but at a much lower cost.

There are numerous reasons why pavers are the best option to use for a pool deck. Even after baking under the hot sun all day, pavers do not absorb much heat, and are therefore easy and comfortable on bare feet. Some textured pavers even feel soft on bare feet. Due to their texture, these pavers are non-slip, providing a safe environment for the pool area. They also resist algae growth. Unlike slippery concrete decks, pool decks made from pavers are safe for the whole family.

Bay area home with paver driveway

Pavers offer a low maintenance solution for your pool deck.

Pavers are easy to clean, and will last for many years to come. If a pipe breaks underneath a concrete deck, sections of the concrete must be sawed away in order to take care of the problem. When they are replaced, that section of the pool deck is left looking messy and awkward. When a pool deck is made from pavers, there is no such problem. Pool deck pavers interlock, so if a problem occurs under the surface, the pavers can simply be lifted up, allowing broken pipes and any other problems to be fixed. The pavers can then easily be put back, leaving no evidence that they had been moved in the first place.

Pavers are a long lasting solution for pool decks.


A concrete pool deck requires sealer to be reapplied every few years. With pavers, there is no such hassle.  In addition, pavers can also be easily added to if you decide to extend your pool deck in the future.

Pool deck pavers are very low maintenance. A pool deck made out of pavers can be the last pool deck you will ever need. Pavers last for many years and many of them come with a long warranty.

Pavers are extremely durable and can resist chemicals, water, sun, salt and anything else that might come its way. Materials such as concrete, wood, or tile often crack, allowing water to get underneath the surface and cause further damage. Unlike these materials, pavers will never crack. This is because they are flexible and set in a sand base, so they shift along with the earth. Since they are flexible during changes in the weather, the pavers will not crack or change position.

Pavers also provide great drainage, keeping puddles off of the pool deck. Whether it is due to their durability, or the fact that they will make your pool deck stand out from the rest, pavers are quickly growing in popularity. Pool deck pavers are functional, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and can be the focal point of your yard!

Perhaps your are building a new pool or want to upgrade the surface of your current pool deck, whatever the case, the Bayside Paver team can meet your needs and provide you with a beautiful pool deck. We will be happy to answer your questions. Call us today – 415-496-9684. You can also get in touch with us here.