Why Sealing Concrete Pavers in the Bay Area Is Important


Concrete pavers are an elegant addition to any San Francisco Bay Area landscape. Whether it’s a durable driveway that gives your home curb appeal or a patio in the back where family and friends can gather, it’s essential to protect your investment in hardscaping.

Sealing your concrete pavers can not only make them look their best, periodically using a high-quality paver sealer can provide you with a maximum longevity of the surface, and even add value to your home when it comes time to sell.


Sealing your pavers makes them much easier to maintain and keep clean. Paver sealant prevents substances like oil or even tree sap from penetrating the surface and damaging the stones. Also, a high-quality sealer will protect the treated surface from fading, enhance the overall color, and improve the look of your patio or driveway.

Concrete pavers around the pool are a critical area that should be sealed. For example, using a joint stabilizing sealer has the added benefit of hardening the sand in the joints, which can keep sand out of the pool. It’s also great for blocking damage from insects, wind and rain, all while preventing weed growth between paver joints.


When considering sealers, there are two main types of products, acrylic sealers, and water-based sealers. Both offer the same long-term protection for your outdoor area, but with a different appearance. Acrylic sealers provide a glossier finish. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. Both work equally well at enhancing and protecting your investment,

Much like interior paint finishes, or floor urethanes, high-quality paver sealers come in a variety of finishes. Whether you prefer a natural look, a wet look, or a matte finish, there are paver sealers to meet your aesthetic preferences. Other options include:

  • Color Enhancing Sealers that bring out the natural color of the stone
  • High-gloss, Semigloss, and Zero-gloss finishes
  • Natural look and Natural coat sealers

Whatever the look and style of your home, or your aesthetic preference, there’s a finish available to meet your needs.


The ICPI or Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute states that “Sealers generally need to be reapplied every three to five years. Use sealers specifically for concrete pavers. More intense use of the pavers and extreme climates often increase the need for re-applying a coat of sealer.”

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area a typical lifespan of paver sealer can vary based on several factors but is typically two to four years depending on whether your home is located. In the high heat of the Napa Valley in an often used driveway, you may need to seal your pavers more frequently than in San Jose. Factors that can affect the life of the sealer include:

• The Type of Sealer Used – High gloss will show wear much faster than a zero-gloss or matte finish

• How Much Traffic The Area Receives – Excessive traffic can reduce sealers lifespan, for example frequently used patios and walkways.

• Climate – Increased exposure to sun, rain, and snow can decrease sealers lifespan

• Proper Maintenance – Keeping your concrete pavers cleaned and maintained can increase longevity

When purchasing paver sealer, make sure to buy the highest-quality you can afford. Manufacturers like Techniseal, Alliance Gator, B.P. Pro Sealers and Sherbond all produce high-quality products. The right sealer can protect and enhance the look of your concrete paver patio, driveway, walkways or pool deck, but there are several factors to keep in mind.

Some manufacturers require waiting one year after installation before applying any sealer. This allows the white, dusty-buildup known as efflorescence to naturally emerge from the stones. Some manufacturers like B.P. Pro offer products that are breathable and require no waiting period. They let efflorescence to escape through the sealers.


The best solution is to consult with your paver contractor. They can help you to choose the ideal solution for sealing your paver surfaces to ensure their ongoing beauty and durability.

If you have any questions or are considering an outdoor project, give the experts at Bayside Pavers a call. We can help you understand your sealing options, and we carry the top quality products the industry has to offer. Contact us anytime, we’re always happy to answer your questions. Or, if you’re in the San Jose area, stop by one of our two locations in Santa Rosa at 1619 4th Street Ste 12 or our Concord location at 2455 Bates Ave, Ste K.

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