The Pros and Cons of Porcelain Pavers For Your California Home


Today homeowners have a wide variety of hardscaping materials to choose from for their outdoor environment. Using natural stone, traditional concrete pavers, permeable pavers or durable porcelain pavers, you can create the perfect look for your outdoor living space.

As the trend for seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces continues to grow, manufacturers are creating new products that can make the transition flow beautifully. One product that has been gaining in popularity among homeowners for precisely this reason are outdoor porcelain pavers.

Outdoor rated porcelain pavers are a versatile material that is durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically beautiful. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, styles, and sizes to meet every need.

Let’s take a look at what porcelain pavers are, and the pros and cons of using this beautiful material for your next outdoor project.


Just like the porcelain flooring, you’d find in your kitchen or bathroom; outdoor porcelain is a clay-based material, fired at extremely high temperatures. As a result, they are a very hard, durable, and non-porous surface. Unlike stone or permeable pavers, they are less likely to absorb moisture and as a result, will not grow mold or mildew making them an excellent choice for around the pool.

Modern manufacturing techniques have allowed companies to create thicker, more durable pavers which can be purchased with a “skid-resistant” surface makings them extremely safe in wet areas like your pool decking.

Thanks to advanced manufacturing, porcelain pavers can be made that closely resemble natural materials like wood or stone both in color and texture. Because they can be used both indoors and out, homeowners appreciate that flexibility of design they offer. Imagine being able to seamlessly extend your interior flooring directly to your outdoor living space creating a real indoor/outdoor a flow. With high-quality, durable porcelain pavers, you can!


Porcelain pavers have a lot to offer homeowners in the California Bay area. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy working with this flexible material.

• First, porcelain pavers are beautiful. With just a glance, you’ll fall in love with the subtle beauty of porcelain. Because it is a manufactured ceramic material, it can have the look and feel of natural products like wood and stone. This has made it a popular choice among homeowners.

• Porcelain pavers are a lower cost alternative to working with natural materials like marble, granite, slate or travertine. You can achieve the look of natural stone at a much more affordable cost.

• Thanks to modern manufacturing, pavers are much thicker than tiles used indoors, making them tough and durable. Because they are a manufactured product, you can get them in almost any color or pattern to meet your needs.

• Porcelain pavers hold up better to water than natural stone making them perfect for use in pool decking or areas subject to excess rain or water from irrigation systems. They are customizable, so you can choose a slip-resistant model making them safe as well as beautiful!

• Finally, they’re a practical, low-maintenance material. Just hose them off occasionally, and they’ll look as good as the day they were installed. Because they are made in a factory, they offer a uniform consistency – in fact, each piece is made to the same exact specifications – making installation easier.

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While porcelain offers these benefits, there are a couple of considerations you should think about before making a decision.


There aren’t many negatives with porcelain pavers, but there are a couple of considerations. While porcelain looks stunning and is a flexible, well-designed product, it doesn’t look as luxurious as natural stone. It does, however, look very close and if budget is a consideration, it’s much more affordable than natural stone.

In the California Bay area, frequent frost conditions are not a real problem. But at higher elevations, where frost or freezing is a consideration, porcelain may not hold up as well over the long term as natural stone or concrete.

Finally, while porcelain is an exceptionally low-maintenance durable produce, it can be chipped. Unfortunately, a chipped porcelain tile will look much worse than a chipped natural stone or concrete paver. Damaged tiles will need replacement to maintain the pristine look of your porcelain hardscaping.

Porcelain is less expensive and arguably more practical than some of the alternatives available. Your decision comes down to location and of course personal style.

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