The Benefits And Use Of Interlocking Paving Stones

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If you’re looking to up the elegance of your home by adding high-end design and style, consider interlocking paving stones. Hardscaping can add luxury and elegance while providing you with durability and a lifetime of use.

When consider and preparing to renovate your driveway, patio area, or walkways, paving stones offer you a tremendous variety of options, including endless textures, colors, and patterns. Why not give your driveway or patio area some depth and dimension with an interesting mosaic created using beautiful paving stones.

Paving stones are a much more durable material than the traditional choices of asphalt or cement. When properly installed, paving stones can last a lifetime, unlike cement or asphalt, which can crack, requiring expensive repairs. You’ll never have to repave or patch your driveway, and you’ll save a significant amount of money over the long-term with paver hardscaping.

Let’s take a look at just some of the significant benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose interlocking paving stones for your next hardscaping project.


Interlocking systems offer the flexibility you won’t have with concrete or asphalt. Temperature changes can cause the ground to freeze and thaw throughout the year. With concrete or asphalt, these changes can cause the entire slab to heave, and move creating stress that can cause the surface to crack, requiring expensive repairs.

Because paving stones are each individual, and are placed using an interlocking system, they’re not affected by temperature swings. They have breath and movement between the stones. They adjust as the ground beneath them does.

Plus, repairs are inexpensive and easy. While typically, paving stones will give you decades of uninterrupted, trouble-free use, if a stone ever gets stained, faded, or cracks, remove the damaged stone. Then put in a replacement paver, and your driveway, patio, or walkway looks as good as new.


Interlocking paving stones are not only flexible, but they’re also incredibly durable. In fact, paving stones can handle more up to 4 times more weight per-square-inch than either poured concrete or asphalt. Plus, paving stones are a low-maintenance surface that, with minimal effort, can last for decades.

Cement or asphalt requires regular maintenance and, over time, will crack or develop potholes requiring repair. Even with repairs, these materials will continue to weaken and eventually need costly replacement.

Interlocking paving stones will stand the test of time and provide you with the best return on your investment. With paving stones, you’ll never need to worry about the wear and tear of cars zooming in and out over the stones because they’re so durable.

While you may pay a little more upfront for pavers, you’ll pay next to nothing in the coming years in terms of maintenance or repairs. Over the long run, pavers are a much better investment than either cement or asphalt.


Because you’ll do little to no maintenance with interlocking pavers, you’ll never have repair costs. The stones require little more than the occasional pressure wash to keep them free of dirt and debris. In the unlikely event that you have a stained, cracked, or damages stone, repairs are easy. Simply pry up the damaged stone with a screwdriver and replace it with a new stone. Easy as that!

With asphalt, you’ll need to reseal the surface every two to three years. This can be costly, as resealing is an expensive process. Resealing asphalt can help it to maintain a beautiful appearance. About every ten years, you’ll need to remove and replace an asphalt driveway or patio completely. Paving stones can last 30 years or more. That means in the average lifespan of a paver surface, and you’ll have to pay to replace your asphalt three times.

Poured concrete requires similar maintenance. While its lifespan is more extended than asphalt, you’ll have ongoing repairs and maintenance, and you’ll need to replace your concrete surface at least once or twice over 30 years. Again, not an inexpensive process!

Paving stones don’t need resealing to function or look beautiful. These stones will look stunning for years or decades, and they come without the extra costs of other materials.


Poured concrete and asphalt offer you a limited number of options. Asphalt is generally black. However, manufacturers have begun to provide asphalt in some other colors. However, it can cost up to twice the price, making it one of the most expensive paving materials.

Poured concrete is also available with color, and using a process called “pressing” can have designs imprinted onto the surface. While color through concrete will not fade, if you ever need to repair a crack, it’s almost impossible to match the exact color. Pressed concrete is expensive, and only offer a limited number of patterns and designs.

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With paving stones, you have almost unlimited combinations of colors, styles, textures, styles, and sizes. You can use paving stones to create intricate mosaic designs, patterns, or combinations of stone species to add visual interest, depth, and dimension to your home. You can match your home’s style, color, and architectural details with pavers. They are a luxurious, elegant option that will work with any home style.


After your asphalt driveway or patio is completed, you’ll need to stay off of it. Same with your poured cement driveway. These materials can take anywhere from a week to a month or more to cure before you can use them. In the meantime, you’ll be parking on the street and cooking in the house until your surface has cured.

Paving stones are not only beautiful and durable, but they’re also immediately usable. You can park your car in the driveway the minute your hardscaping contractor pulls out! You can be cooking on your outdoor grill while they’re loading their truck! If you don’t want to wait an extra week or month to enjoy your outdoor space, paving stones are the perfect solution.

You’ll enjoy a beautiful looking driveway or patio the minute it’s installed. Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that what you see the minute it’s done, is what you’ll see every day for years and years, with minimal maintenance and no ongoing repair costs.

Interlocking paving stones are [perfect for outdoor living and will simplify your life. You’ll save money by avoiding repair costs, you can put heavy loads on them immediately, and you’ll love the look of your new hardscape. Plus, you’ll up your homes curb appeal and add value with interlocking paving stones.

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