Why You Shouldn’t Neglect A Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is more than just a landscape design. It protects your home and yard from earth and water. A retaining wall can also provide terracing and landscaping beds. It’s most important for the structure and integrity of your property.

Drainage, erosion, and landscaping are all design factors that your Napa County Paver Contractor will discuss with you upon evaluation of your retaining wall.

Learn more about retaining walls and why they’re so important below.


Retaining walls can fail. This generally happens with the build-up of pressure from behind the wall. This pressure is caused by groundwater or soil accumulation when the force of groundwater exceeds the resisting force of the wall.

It’s important that your retaining wall is constructed to remove the groundwater that can collect behind the wall with gravel drainage. You can also have a pipe installed behind the wall. This will divert the water to a lower spot beyond the wall structure.


If your home or yard sits on a slope, maintaining your retaining wall is especially important. A properly installed wall can prevent erosion materials. These are materials such as soil, trees, and rocks from sliding, which can cause serious problems for your home.

If you live in an earthquake zone, you might consider fault lines around your property. Even if erosion isn’t an issue now, it could be under the right catastrophic conditions.

A Napa County Paver Contractor can provide you peace of mind and ensure the stability of your retaining wall.


A retaining wall will maintain erosion around your home’s foundation, too. If you live on a hill there’s a chance that the soil could wash away around a downhill foundation. It can also cause compaction with an uphill foundation which will prevent water and other materials from properly draining away from the wall.

A well-built and maintained retainer wall is one of the most important landscaping features to consider for your home’s safety.


Considering a terraced design creates usable land space for gardening or other landscaping needs. A retaining wall from your Napa County Paver Contractor can also highlight your current landscape designs. It will add privacy and screen views of unsightly areas around your home.

A retaining wall can be an aesthetic and functional space in your yard with built-in seating and other features, too. Discuss the design of your retaining wall with your contractor before the work gets underway to ensure all details are considered.


Make sure to maintain your retaining wall to ensure the best safety for your home and family. Add dimension to your home and landscape and expand usable space that’s already in your yard.

Maximize the natural beauty of the earth surrounding your home with your Napa County Paver Contractor. Contact us with questions or to schedule your estimate. We’re certified and trusted with years of expertise in all aspects of landscape scaling and beauty.

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