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Your home is a statement of your personal style. Increasing your home’s curb appeal using quality hardscaping will not only beautify your home, but it will also add to your enjoyment and grow your home’s value.

Hardscaping your driveway is a smart investment that will last for years with little maintenance. However, before you jump in, you need to understand your options. There are several types of driveway pavers to choose from. Each is durable, beautiful, and an excellent way to up your homes curb appeal.

Here are the best driveway paver options available to East Bay homeowners today.


Today, you have a wide range of styles, colors, textures, and sizes when it comes to driveway pavers. Choosing the right paver depends on several factors. You need to look at your home’s exterior style, color scheme, and any existing hardscaping in your yard to choose a complementary or contrasting paver style for your driveway.

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With pavers, you can mix colors and textures to create striking patterns or choose the perfect color to complement your home’s style. Here are four popular options driveway pavers to help you create the ideal look for your home.


Cobblestone pavers are a luxurious classic look that is both traditional and rustic. If you live in an older home, like a beautiful Victorian, or a rustic modern cabin, cobblestones turn back the hands of time and give your home an elegant look and feel. They showcase your personal style and sophistication, can be stained any color you choose, and incredibly durable and practically maintenance-free.

As a bonus, if you’re over 60, walking on cobblestones has been shown to drop your blood pressure and improve your balance. With their beautiful appearance and surprising health benefits, cobblestone pavers are an excellent choice.


If you want durability and longevity, concrete pavers are a great choice. Concrete is one of the most popular driveway pavers for a good reason, they’re flexible, versatile, and cost-effective. Pressed concrete pavers offer homeowners a wide range of patterns, and they can be painted or stained, textured or smooth. With a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures available, you can find a concrete driveway paver to fit any budget.


Brick pavers are elegant and offer a polished and finished luxurious look for your home. In fact, they are one of the most popular choices for Easy Bay homeowners. They’re so popular that many pavers are cast in a brick style. Brick is the symbol of craftsmanship, so a brick paver driveway gives you a beautiful finished look.

In terms of paver materials, brick is one of the most durable out there. Brick pavers last for years, throughout the seasonal changes. With minimal maintenance and occasional repairs, a brick paver driveway will look great and last a lifetime.


Today, we’re all becoming more environmentally conscious, and so are manufacturers. If you’re seeking an environmentally friendly material, rubber pavers are a great choice. Rubber pavers are made from recycled car tires. They help reduce the number of car tires tossed into landfills by more than 300 million each year! They’re not only a socially responsible choice, but they also are durable, look great, and offer excellent performance. When you decide to purchase rubber pavers, you’re not only getting a superior product, you’re contributing to the planet by lowering your carbon footprint. If you’re trying to live a green-lifestyle, give rubber pavers a serious look.


When properly installed by a professional hardscaping contractor, driveway pavers are a flexible, durable, aesthetically beautiful material that will provide you with consistent performance for years. Installing permeable pavers can not only increase your home’s curb appeal, but it can also help the environment by returning rainwater to aquifers and reducing toxic runoff.

If you’re planning a hardscaping project, in the greater San Francisco Bay area, give the experts at Bayside Pavers a call at 1-(866) 287-2837. We’re always happy to answer your questions. Call and schedule a free consultation on your upcoming paver driveway, a walkway, or a complete outdoor entertainment project.

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