How To Choose The Right Color When Installing Your Patio Pavers


Color is a major factor when it comes to any design. Whether it’s what color to paint the kitchen or the exterior of your house, the right color can change the character of your living space for the better, while choosing the wrong one can make your space feel small and uninviting.

The principal is exactly the same when it comes to your hardscape. Whether you’re installing patio pavers, a fire feature or building a retaining wall, you want to choose a color that is in harmony with the style and color scheme of your house, fits into your existing landscape, and makes sense for how you’ll use the space.


Think about your goals for your space before you begin your design. For example, if you’re adding patio pavers to your meditation garden and you’re looking for a tranquil feel consider non-tumbled pavers in a natural or gray tone with clean lines. Looking to make a statement? Think about setting a pattern into your driveway or patio. Whether your style is rustic, contemporary, or anything in between, there is a style and color that’s right for you.

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If you want to make an area feel larger, light-colored patio pavers are a perfect choice because they tend to reflect light. Seeking a more intimate feel? Dark-colored pavers tend to make spaces look and feel more intimate because they absorb light.

Consider the amount of sunlight. Paver colors can read differently depending on the amount of sunlight. Check the area throughout the day – during bright mid-day sunlight, filtered sunlight, and even at night with the landscape lighting. Do you live in a hot climate? You may want to consider how hot the stones may get, especially if your kids will be walking around with bare feet.

Often, homeowners may fall in love with a patio paver color in the store that when brought home, may not match the exterior palette of the home. Take a look around a see if there are elements that you can change to tie in the paver color like repainting window shutters, changing downspouts, or repainting the front door.

Paver texture is another factor to consider that can affect the color. Smooth surfaces are best if an area sees continuous traffic, like walkways. To add visual interest line them with textured pavers. Rough surfaces on pavers can be used in areas where you need some tractions like around the pool. Textured pavers are popular today because they offer more color variation. Because of the various surface height, shadowing causes the pavers to appear darker or lighter depending on the light. Tumbled pavers are another popular look with homeowners today. They go through a process of being tumbled in a rotating drum that ears down the sharp edges, create color variations, and gives them a more natural look.


There are several factors that should figure into your decision when it comes to choosing the right color for your hardscape project. Here are some additional ideas to help you narrow your color choices.


Many manufacturers use locally-sourced natural materials which means the color is often unique to a region. Do your research. Find inspiration by exploring websites like Houzz and create an Ideabook to share with your hardscape designer. Consider factors like multiple colors and textures vs. monotone design, creating interesting patterns or textured borders, and the overall effect of using textured or tumbled patio pavers.


When we’re talking about color “tone” we’re referring to how light or dark it is. Just like warm or cool paint colors, the tone you choose is ultimately a personal choice, but there are some things to understand when choosing a color tone.

Lighter colors can make your space feel larger and more open, while darker tones create a more cozy, intimate space. You might choose to go with a more natural tone, as these tend to blend well with your surroundings, but remember even natural tones have shades of color like yellow, gray, or pink that can change under different lighting, or when wet. And these colors might not be right for your home. Pavers that are in the same family, but on the lighter style of the scale will let your home stand our, without confusing the eye.


Think about how you’ll use the space where you’ll be installing patio pavers. For example, will you be barbecuing? You may want to choose a dark color paver to hide stains. If you’re planning on paving your pool deck, think about using a light color textured paver to prevent slipping and to help stay cool during bright sunny days. Pavers used to create a walkway should be smoother, however, you can line the walkway with darker more textured stones to create visual interest.


Do you want your patio or driveway to be a single color or more of a mix? A monotone layout offers a sleek, modern, clean-lined look. However, stains are more noticeable. Multicolored pavers have more variation in color which can hide stains better and blend into your existing landscape a little more easily.


Many experts suggest matching your paver color to the color of your roof is the best way to tie all of the colors of your property together. It doesn’t need to match exactly, just choose shades that don’t clash. Also, choose pavers that match or coordinate with the materials your home is made from.

A good example is if your home is made from brick, installing brick hardscaping next to your home can lead to a look that is much too red. Grey or neutral pavers combined with red brick offers a much more pleasant condition.

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