Five Reasons To Hire a Paver Installation Professional


We’ve all come to love those DIY shows like Yard Crashers, where one lucky couple meets a stranger in the home improvement store. The couple agrees to have their backyard transformed practically overnight into a hardscaping masterpiece, complete with a fire pit and water feature.

Shows like this are inspirational in terms of giving homeowners ideas for transforming their living spaces. They also provide a false sense that it’s easy to take on a project like hardscaping a patio, or building retaining walls or installing a paver walkway. Add to this the easy availability of pavers at the local big box store, and you can often find weekend warriors eagerly planning an elaborate outdoor project or digging in the backyard to prepare their space.

We all love DIY projects. There’s something about using our creativity, and sweat equity to build our dream space. And it’s all great until something goes wrong, or you’re not entirely sure of the proper construction process.

Hardscaping is a multi-phased construction process where each step from design through preparation affects the eventual outcome of your project. You need to be aware of your local building codes when constructing a project like a driveway or retaining wall. You also may not be mindful of the range of materials available. Professionals are experts and know the value of hardscaping materials from permeable pavers to porcelain pavers to wall blocks. It’s best not to count on your local home improvement big box store salesperson either.

If you want your yard to look like you envision, you should hire a professional paver installation expert.


When it comes to hardscaping, you’ll often get what you pay for. You need to be careful when seeking out a contractor to do the work. Usually, you’ll get a great price, only to discover that the contractor doesn’t have the experience or expertise to do the job correctly.

Unfortunately, there are many “fly-by-night” contractors out there who may skip steps, use inferior quality products, or will not stand behind their work. If you have an issue with pavers heaving due to weather, for example, they’re gone. When seeking a qualified professional paver installation company, ask a lot of questions.

Here are five significant reasons to hire a qualified paver installation professional for your hardscaping project.


Having good knowledge of local conditions and working with homeowners to deliver a finished product that will stand the test of time is the primary objective of a paver installation professional. For example, here in California, the seasonal weather from the summer heat to winter rains can wreak havoc on your hardscaping.

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A professional contractor understands the impact of the local weather on different materials and will take your lifestyle and usage into account when designing your hardscaping. They will understand how to maintain the specific paver stone you’ve used. This means that your hardscape will look great for years into the future!


A professional paving contractor is well aware of all federal, state, and local building codes, including the ADA guidelines for driveways and parking lots. These local and state regulations ensure the safe use of this space for residents and guests. They will also carry all the necessary insurance needed, including workman’s compensation, and liability insurance, and are licensed and bonded by the state to conduct business.


If you’re taking a DIY approach, it can take weeks of hard work to design, prepare, and install your hardscaping project. A professional paving contractor works with speed and efficiency from the initial design stages through the installation and ongoing maintenance of your hardscaping. That means they will spend as little time on your property as possible. Their years of training and experience and the specialized equipment they use means you’ll be enjoying your outdoor hardscaping quickly.


A DIY project generally starts at a big box store. While they offer a variety of products for homeowners, they are not professional grade materials and can crack, chip, or fade over time. While you can source higher quality materials, if you are not in the business, you’ll have to pay top prices.

Professional paving contractors have access to the highest quality materials at an affordable price, thanks to economy of scale. To ensure customer satisfaction, they use the latest technology, techniques, and state of the art equipment and materials. This ensures that your hardscape will stand up to years of daily use.


If you want to achieve your vision for your hardscape, using a professional paving installation company will guarantee the best possible result. They have the techniques, expertise, and experience to evaluate any situation and create the perfect design to meet your needs and creative vision.

Hardscaping is a complicated home improvement project that is best left to the professionals. When interviewing prospective contractors, ask the right questions. Working with a professional paver installation company will give you a high-quality finished product. Their services will provide you and your family with years of use and look as good as the day it’s installed for many many years into the future.

If you’re planning a hardscaping project for your San Francisco Bay area home, give the experts at Bayside Pavers a call at 1-(866) 287-2837. We can help you design the perfect hardscape to meet your family’s unique needs. Our knowledgeable team members are ready to help you create the outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming about!

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