Why Fire Pits Are Perfect for Gathering and Relaxing

Humans and the element of fire have a long history. In fact, humans discovered fire no earlier than 700,000 years ago and no later than 120,000 years ago, so we are talking about a deep connection here. No wonder fire pits always make us feel comfortable and relaxed.

But still, hundreds of thousands of years have passed and we have managed to get unfamiliar with many of our primitive instincts. How could fire pits still feel like a perfect idea for gatherings with our loved ones?

Let’s take a look at five modern-day reasons along with design ideas to give you some extra inspiration!


Just think about it. A chilly autumn afternoon, a summer night, or an evening in April. Except for the winter, a fire pit can be the perfect gathering area for you, your friends and your family. Just sitting next to the fire creates a warm feeling of comfort and happiness.

Picture this: You and your loved ones in the backyard having a conversation over drinks and spending some quality time together. Great image, right?

Now picture all of you doing the same thing only this time you are sitting around a fire pit. The image instantly gets friendlier and cozier, especially when the temperature is not that high.

For this great scenario, you might want to consider a small, rustic, camp-like fire pit embedded into a stone patio. Add some wooden furniture around it and get ready for some great conversation around the fire.


The next backyard trend after fire pits would be installing an in-ground swimming pool. Just think about it. There are 10.6 million swimming pools in the US.

However, the weather can be really unpredictable sometimes, and getting out of your pool can be a real struggle.

A fire burning in your fire pit, though, sounds like a great source of heat when you actually need some warmth or even as a perfect place for your company to sit by while you are taking a refreshing dip.

For a fire pit by the pool, you may want to look for a rectangular, minimalistic design. It will certainly make your yard look like a million bucks.


Like it or not, like them or not, fire pits add value to your property. Even if you are not planning to spend a lot of time in your home, a fire pit will give potential buyers one more reason to buy it when the time comes.

You see, it will not only make them create images of themselves by the fire. You will also have saved them the installation cost. Because trust us. Most people do want a fire pit in their backyard.

The possibilities are literally endless. Make sure you go for a choice that most people will find attractive in case you want to sell your property later. A safe option is always a brick fire pit. Everybody loves those.


Every space, open-air or not, needs a landmark based on which you will actually build the overall setting. A fire pit can work as an amazing landmark to help you figure out your backyard’s arrangement.

Do you have trouble deciding where to put your outdoor furniture? You can do it by taking a look at how it works around your fire pit. An installation like this works as a great centerpiece to define any space.


Not all fire pits can work as some kind of barbecue alternatives. However, these are some solutions that will allow you to melt marshmallows or maybe grill a couple of ribs.

But you want to keep in mind that a fire pit is neither as powerful nor as convenient as a regular grill. Moreover, if you are a sophisticated griller, using it as your basic barbecue equipment is out of the question but they can always double as an outdoor barbecue.

A fossil stone fire pit made of concrete blocks will get you into the mood for some summer night grilling.

Whatever choice you go for, combining it with a patio paver, some artificial grass, and/or a pool deck paver might be the best idea. Click here to schedule your free consultation and make your backyard your favorite place of your house!

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