Creating a Tiered Landscape Design Using Hardscape Stairs


Creating a backyard landscape design in the San Francisco Bay area can be difficult. Regions of Marin County, Sonoma County, and Napa have a varied topography that can be challenging to landscape. Multi-Tiered landscape design with connecting hardscape stairs solves the problem of steeply sloped yards. A professional paver installation company can help you create an outdoor living environment that features various levels, visual focal points, and entertainment areas that can be creatively linked.

Slopes and hillsides always provide a challenge when it comes to landscaping and pathways. Creating a tiered backyard can make turn your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional extension of your home. Layered landscape design can give your home a “castle-like” impression and can section off areas of your yard, creating different themes, feels, or styles. There are many different ways to accomplish a tiered design and various materials to help you reach your creative vision. The topography of your yard and your budget should be considered when planning your landscape design. A tiered landscape lends itself to being completed in phases over time. You should discuss the possibilities with your hardscaping professional.


There are a number of reasons for creating a tiered backyard ranging from functional necessity to pure aesthetic beauty. For homes that are built into a hillside or incline, a tiered backyard is a perfect way to add usable flat land in the yard. Homeowners in the counties of Marin, Sonoma, and Napa where the terrain is often slopped can increase the usable space in their yard with a tiered landscape design.

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A sharp slope in the backyard can be problematic for everything, from barbecuing, to gardening, to recreational activities like a tennis court or a pool. For many homebuyers, this can be the difference between not buying a house because of challenging topography, to buying your dream home that may just need creative modifications.

Part of the allure of homeownership is having a private backyard sanctuary and plenty of usable space outdoors. Layering using a tiered landscape design can turn that hillside into a magnificent outdoor living area.


Having a beautifully landscaped yard increases the value of your home. Some homeowner’s like to grow fruits and vegetables to provide a healthy choice for their families. Others are partial to exotic flowers and other plant life. Creating a tiered landscape design affords you the ability to create lush gardens, private hideaways, an outdoor fireplace, a secluded dining area, and many other beautiful spaces.

A tiered yard not only gives you areas to grow plants, flowers, and food that otherwise wouldn’t exist, but it also adds structure, ambiance, and extra usable outdoor space. If you have space and the topography allows, you can have two, three or more levels with different usages, layouts, and formats.


A tiered backyard can be a flexible space offering a myriad of uses from sports courts, to creating a deck around a pool, a cozy relaxation area complete with hammocks, water fountains, or a gazebo, even a patio with a cooking and dining area.

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The possibilities are almost endless, and tiers offer you flexibility in terms of design, and the ability to create your yard in phased construction over several years, or all at once.


Tying a tiered landscape design together can be accomplished using hardscape walkways and stairs. Use concrete pavers to create a classic looking, gentle staircase that connects levels.

Depending on the topography of your property, you may need to create tiers using retaining wall systems with stairs leading to different levels, off of a paver walkway.

Natural rock walls and steps can give your landscape the classic look of a Tuscan garden. Slate slabs or cut granite steps can give you more of a modern look. It all depends on your personal aesthetics and the architecture and design of your home. Adding amenities like step lights can create a late evening ambiance that can turn your backyard into the perfect nighttime paradise.

Work with a professional landscape designer to help you achieve your creative vision. Just remember, connecting and tying in your design is an essential element. Using hardscape stairs can give you an elegant look that will last several lifetimes!

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