California Homeowner’s Are Installing Artificial Grass, Here’s Why


Artificial grass isn’t just for sports stadiums anymore. Across the US, but particularly here in California, there’s been a surge of homeowners ripping up their sod lawns and replacing them with artificial grass. California is prone to drought, but this decade has seen drought carried to historical levels never before seen in the state. As a result, it’s been nearly impossible to care for a natural grass lawn properly.

Lawn care is expensive and environmentally taxing. Fertilizer, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides are costly, and if improperly used dangerous to groundwater supplies, and the environment. Then there’s the time needed for mowing, treating, seeding and weeding. All in all, it takes a lot of work, and a lot of water to maintain a lush green lawn.

Due to drought conditions in California mantainance has become more difficult when it comes to lawn care. After multiple years of severe, historic drought, many municipalities have entirely banned using water for unnecessary tasks like watering your lawn putting homeowners violating the law, at risk for severe fines.

Today, Bay area residents have a choice. An artificial grass lawn, professionally installed can rival the look of lush natural grass without all the work and expense. It’s an environmentally friendly choice that’s perfect for Californians seeking to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, today’s artificial grass looks incredibly realistic and is comfortable underfoot. It’s the perfect solution for around the pool, or for your entire lawn. It’s a maintenance-free, cost-effective solution!


Beyond the recent four-year-long drought, California’s weather, even in a good year makes maintaining a natural grass lawn difficult. The average temperature in the state ranges from the mid-70’s to the mid-90’s making a natural lawn impractical and affecting the health of natural grass. Add to this the lack of rain (the rainy season – Oct thru March generally accounts for less than 1 inch per month) makes growing a healthy lawn difficult.

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Natural grass requires an average of 55 gallons of water per square foot, per year to remain healthy. California’s water restrictions make keeping a lawn healthy impractical, and illegal! During the recent four-year drought California Governor Jerry Brown issued a state of emergency severely restricting residential water use by 25%. These restrictions sparked considerable interest in artificial grass.


For Californians seeking a solution, artificial grass is a perfect choice. New products look and feel great and are completely safe for children and pets. You’ll also enjoy a host of additional benefits like:

• no more grass stains

• no more fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and biting bugs like chiggers

• no more grass allergies in both kid’s and pets

Artificial grass also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals like fertilizers, insecticides, and weed killers. Studies have shown that our children are being exposed to, and have higher levels of dangerous chemicals in their bodies than any previous generation. There is absolutely no chemical use with artificial grass. The only water you’ll use is the small amount needed to hose off your lawn occasionally.

Artificial grass requires little maintenance, no more cutting the lawn on a hot summer day! It stays green year round, is durable, can stand up to heavy traffic, feels great on the feet, and is perfect for playing sports with the kids.


Professional installation is essential to maximize the curb appeal and value of your new lawn. When correctly installed, artificial grass can offer 15 to 20 years of maintenance-free service. A professional landscaper will use materials that are guaranteed and warrantied against fading, discoloration and seaming problems. While the most significant expense of artificial grass is installation, the money you’ll save through lowered water bills and the increase in your properties value will offset the cost of installation. Your landscape contractor will also be aware of any rebates or tax savings that are available that can also help to defray your costs.

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