Adding a Patio to Your Property? Don’t Skip Out on a Design Rendering!

If you’re planning on adding a patio to your property in California, you should invest in a design rendering to ensure that your project turns out how you wanted it to. A design rendering is a visual representation of your finished patio and by investing in one, you will help minimize any chances of miscommunication with the patio construction team you hired. You can avoid making the wrong choices for your patio when you invest in a design rendering because you’ll see how each design element that you picked will look once the project is done. It also helps make the entire process go smoothly because you can change tiny details before the construction starts and it will also provide the crew with something to reference as they build your patio.

A design rendering helps minimize miscommunication.

Investing in a design rendering for your patio will help you ensure that you and the patio construction company you are working with are on the same page. It minimizes any miscommunication because you can confirm if the landscaping team has accurately translated your vision and goals through the design rendering. It can bring you a lot of headaches to proceed with the construction process right away only to find out halfway through the project that what you envisioned and what the team has understood are completely different! Take the guesswork out of the project by taking advantage of a design rendering for your patio.

Avoid making the wrong choices for your patio by investing in a design rendering.

When adding a patio to your property, you’ll have to make a lot of choices. From the material choice to its color and pattern, there are a lot of decisions you need to make to ensure your patio looks great. The vision you have for your patio may look good in your mind, but it can have a totally different appeal in reality. When you invest in a design rendering, you can avoid making the wrong choices for your patio because you can see how each design element will blend together. If there’s something that you don’t like, you can make the changes before it’s too late!

You can choose between a 2D or 3D design rendering for your patio installation project.


A design rendering helps make the entire patio installation process go smoothly.

One of the biggest benefits that come with investing in a design rendering is that it can make the entire patio installation process go smoothly. Because you can make changes to the rendering before the installation even begins, you won’t have to worry about making changes during the installation, which could cause delays and increase the price of the project. Also, the installation team will be able to use the rendering as a reference, helping the actual installation go smoothly!

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If you want to add a patio to your outdoor living space, we can help. At Bayside Pavers, we not only install beautiful patios, but we also offer a landscape design service that will allow you to see what your project will look like when it’s finished before the construction begins! We offer both our landscape design service and our patio installation service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Rosa, and throughout the surrounding areas in California. Give us a call today at (866) 225-3802 to set up a consultation with our experts and get an estimate on your custom design rendering and patio! We look forward to helping you get the patio of your dreams!

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