4 reasons to use turf

If your family likes to spend time outdoors in your yard, having a presentable & usable space is probably important to you. Replacing traditional grass with turf gives you the benefits of grass without its downsides.

Here are some reasons why we recommend replacing your grass with turf in the Bay Area


Reduces airborne pollen & allergens


One of the major sources of airborne allergens is pollen from grass. Your green springtime backyard might be beautiful but step outside and you’ll be sneezing and itching your way back indoors pretty soon. People once turned down turf because it didn’t look real but turf products have been getting better and better. We offer turf products that are indistinguishable from real grass so you’ll have the benefits of that springtime green without the hassle of allergies.




Ask any wildland firefighter you know and they’ll tell you that unkempt grass is the reason why wildfires spread so quickly. If you’re a busy person and don’t have the time to maintain your yard, consider replacing grass with turf especially as fire-season approaches. Having a fire-retardant surface around your home helps firefighters protect structures in the case of fires and could be the difference between fire damage to your home or not.


Great for surface contact


Did you know that the itchy feeling you get when your skin touches grass are actually little cuts to the surface of your skin from the grass? Turf is a great option if you like to spend time on the grass since it not only doesn’t leave you itchy but it also regulates temperature up to 15 to 30 degrees cooler than concrete surfaces. Spray a little water on before use and you’ll be all set for a lovely afternoon.


No more maintaining your hardscape


If you’ve invested in having decorative pavers in your yard, you probably don’t want grass and weeds encroaching on your well designed pavers. Turf gives you that beautiful green from natural grass look without the hassle of precise weedeating. This way you’ll have the perfect landscaping year round. Did I mention that you also don’t have to worry about frequently watering your turf? Save some money on that end too!


In summary, you can have the benefits of grass without the downsides of worrying about water allowances during droughts, maintenance costs, harmful chemicals to kill weeds, and the hassle of allergies. If you’re on the fence about switching to turf because of pricing, contact us to get a free estimate and get help with financing the installation of turf. 

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