3 Tips For Designing The Perfect Driveway With Functionality and Longevity

There are tons of beautiful residences in Marin County. However, many of them are held back by plain, boring, or unsightly driveways.

The driveway is one of the most important parts of a property when it comes that property’s overall atmosphere and aesthetic.

Driveways are the entrance ways to homes. They provide passersby with an idea as to what the rest of the property is going to look like. It’s important that a beautiful residence is adorned with a beautiful driveway.

But what exactly makes a beautiful driveway?

Take it from a Marin County Paver Contractor:

These are 3 tips for designing the perfect driveway with functionality and longevity.


When designing a driveway, many people have a tendency to prioritize style over practicality. This results in two different problems.

The first problem is that you end up with a driveway that doesn’t sufficiently serve its purpose. For instance, you might make your driveway too small in an attempt to meet a specific style. It might look nice, but if it doesn’t serve its intended purpose, it’s a waste.

The other problem is that you over-decorate. While your driveway should look nice, it’s important to remember that it’s part of the entire property’s aesthetic. It needs to fit in well with your yard, house, and other components of your property.

The point is that you need to create a functional driveway first and foremost. Let the style follow the functionality.


A great way to give your driveway a feeling of class and elegance is by installing a driveway gate. Not only are driveway gates aesthetically-pleasing, but practical and functional as well.

There are quite a few benefits offered by a driveway gate, including increased security, increased privacy, and increased driveway protection.

By having a gate up, you ensure that unwanted vehicles don’t make their way into your driveway. This prevents the driveway from experiencing a lot more wear and tear than it needs to.

If you want to separate your driveway from others in the neighborhood, don’t forget the gate.


Our second tip is to use materials that are of high quality. Again, there is a tendency to focus on the appearance of a material whilst ignoring its functionality.

There are quite a few materials available which are both functional and attractive, allowing for driveways that are aesthetically-pleasing and durable.

The most durable and functional type of driveway materials available are pavers. Pavers not only possesses longevity but an aesthetically-pleasing appearance as well.

There are many different types of pavers available, including smooth pavers, textured pavers, tumbled pavers, and so much more.

This material provides a classy and elegant look that you can’t get with many other driveway materials.


Are you looking to update your driveway, patio, or parking area? Are you located in Marin County, California? If so, we here are Bayside Pavers can help you.

We’re a premier Marin County Paver Contractor, and know exactly what needs to be done in order to produce a driveway that is both stylish and functional.

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